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  • Q. 1. Is herbal medicine safe?
    • Yes – when you know what you’re doing. Herbs (plant/botanical medicines) are also drugs, and they have a profound affect on the human body. Comprised of thousands of medicinal constituents, herbs can affect multiple body systems in targeted ways while also working synergistically with the body for a holistic treatment approach (allowing minimal to no side effects in the process).

  • Q. 2. What is the research supporting herbal medicine? Is it really effective?
    • There are literally thousands of years of recorded herbal practice with countless documentation of their effectiveness, clinical safety and potency. Add that to the emerging clinical trials and modern scientific research on herbal medicine today and we have an incredible arsenal of information to utilize in clinical practice. Effectiveness of herbal preparations is directly linked to appropriate dosing, frequency and choice of herb. This is why it is to important to work in partnership with a qualified herbalist to be given appropriate dosing information and to have herbs custom selected or compounded for you in a very tailored way. The main reason you hear of herbs not working is due to inappropriate dosing or using the incorrect herb for the illness.


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